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GoPro Hero HD mounted on Land Rover
Me with my Canon XH-G1 doing an aerial shoot from a helicopter.
Photo: Laurie Gilbert
Canon flash with umbrella
My 7D shooting time-lapse (attached to superstructure with super clamp!)
Sony FS7
Super 35mm 4K, 2K & HD camcorder
amazing camera for the price. Records stunning filmic images in HD up to 4K. One of the newest kids on the block, its quickly becoming a favourite for documentary and entertainment shows in the region.

The camera records in multiple formats and bit rates, from 35 mbps HD to 600 mbps 4K. (All 4:2:2 progressive or interlaced).
Canon C300
Super 35mm HD camcorder
An 'old' favourite of mine and many of my clients due to its beautiful images, the C300 is sought-after for a broad range of documentary and corporate work. The small size of this camera allows it to be used in a broad range of applications.

The camera records full broadcast spec HD 1080 (i or p) at 50mbps/4:2:2, onto CF cards.
Lenses include:
Primes: 24mm f3.5 TS,
35mm f2, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8
Zooms: 10-22mm f3.5-4.5, 17-55mm f2.8,
24-105 f4, 70-200mm f2.8 (with 2x extender), 18-200mm f3.5-5.6
Plus macro extension tubes,
mattebox and filters.
Varicam HPX2700 Panasonic HPX2700 Varicam
DVCProHD/AVCIntra P2 camcorder
With the best HD codec in it's class, excellent film-like gamma settings and superb slow-motion capabilities, this camera cannot be beaten!

The Varicam is particularly known to render the best skin tones of all cameras in its class.
The camera comes with the gorgeous super-wide Canon HJ14ex4.3B IRSE wide angle lens as well as 5 Anton Bauer batteries, & 5 x 64GB P2 cards.

I also have a Nikon/B4 adapter to attach Nikon stills lenses to the camera - a very handy & cost-effective tool!

lus mattebox & ND grad & polarizer filters, Vinten Vision 11 tripod head with carbon fibre legs & baby legs.
Canon XF300
HD camcorder
An awesome camera for the price - with full broadcast spec HD recording onto CF cards. The first camera in its class to be accepted by the BBC for 100% acquistion!

The camera records full 1080 at 50mbps/4:2:2.

I also have a Century 1.6x adapter for this camera for extra telephoto.
Sound Devices PIX240
External HD Recorder
The latest and most anticipated device of its kind, the PIX240 is a superbly built recorder, accepting both SDI and HDMI sources, and recording in Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD.
The 5 inch LCD screen works as a great monitor and allows for instand play-back.
The PIX240 records onto CF cards and SSDs.
Currently I have the Sony A7S, Panasonic GH4 and Canon 7D.
These cameras work well as both stills cameras as well as second cameras alongside my FS7 and C300. The cameras are also commonly used for time lapse photography.

I have metabones adapters to allow me to put my Canon EF lenses onto the A7S and GH4.

I have a modular camera rig with Zacuto LCD view-finder, Mashall 5 inch monitor, follow-focus & multi-voltage power supply to run camera, monitor and camera light.

Another useful accessory for the 5D & 7D is my
mattebox with polarizer, .9ND & .6 grad ND filters.
Canon Lenses 7D with Mattebox
GoPro Hero HD
Mini HD camera
One of the most popular mini cameras - for mounting on anything from vehicle windscreens to your head! The camera comes with waterproof housing, a suction cup, head band and various other fixtures.

It can record slomo (with sound) at 720p or normal speed at 1080p. The amazingly wide lens, together with super depth of field, means framing is a breeze, even when you can't see the viewfinder.
CAMERA accessories

Hollywood Microdolly with straight & curve track
Hollywood Microdolly Jib with extension kit
Konova K5 120cm slider with motor and TL control
Steadicam Merlin (for 5D & 7D)
Panasonic 8 inch HD/SD LCD monitor
Marshall 5 inch HD LCD HDMI monitor
Colorspace UDMA CF card backup for C3000, XF300, 5D & 7D
Mattebox & polarizer/grad ND filters for all cameras
Shoulder rig with Anton Bauer multi-voltage power adapter


Gun Mic: Sennheiser ME66/K6 with Rycote softie & boom pole.

Radio Mic set: 2 x Sennheiser EW 100G2 receiver w/ ME2 wireless lapel mics, plus 1 x EW 100G2 radio hand mic. Optional SKP100G2 plug-on transmitter for hand mic, remote placing of gun mic etc.

Wired lapel mics: 2 x Audio Technica AT8357 & Sony ECM 44b.

Field mixer: Sound Devices 302, 3 channel mixer - a reliable & solid unit.

Zoom H4n: The H4n has become a very popular stand-alone recorder, particularly when alongside the Canon 7D or 5DII. The H4n has stereo mics as well as line and mic inputs - with 4 channels in total.

A versatile piece of kit that's handy for anything from intimate interviews to music performances.
Diva 400 & 200
My lighting kit consists of:


2 x Lupolux DayLED 1000s - superb LED fresnels

1 x Diva 400 and 2 x Diva 200 flourescent soft lights

1 x CN1200, 2 x CN900 & 1 x CN600 LED lights - either DC or battery powered (similar to 1x1 Lite Panels)

2 x Lowel Softcore Flo x5 flourscent heads

2 x LED camera lights

Strand 'Bambino' fresnels: 1 x 1KW, 2 x 650W and 1 x 500W
2 x 150W and 2 x 100W Dedo lights
2 x Sachtler Reporter 300W's
2 x 800W Totas
4 x 800W red heads.
These high quality versatile lights are very flexible in their application and are well suited for interviews and small sets/interior shoots (whether moving image or stills).

If you like the soft look, I also have Chimera soft boxes & China light that attach to my fresnels, Totas, or redheads.
I have a good range of accessories, including:

A comprehensive set of gels (ND, scrim, diffuser, CTO/CTB, cosmetics, coloured gels & black wrap);

Grip equipment such as super clamps, magic arms, extension arms, gaffer clamps, flags etc;

I also have reflectors; background drapes (black, grey & stippled brown); black outs and green screens;

And of course lighting stands, including the Manfrotto boom arm stand (right) - very useful for back lights or boom mics.
Grip Accessories
If I don't have the right kit for the job, I hire it in - it's possible to hire most types of kit in Singapore :o)
My VARICAM with Nikon lens, using my Nikon/B4 adapter, on Tibetan Plateau
My DSLR rig
XF300 with matte box and follow focus
Me with my Canon 7D stills camera
Hollywood Microdolly Jib
Setting up for green screen
Lowel Softcore Fluoro soft light
My VARICAM in Tibet