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Me in Action - 1996 ish
PHOTO: David Savage
Me in Brecon, Wales - one of my favourite places.
My Canon XF300 in China
Me in the studio... er, I find the hat stops the lights shining in my eyes
Me in Wyoming, US with an ARRI SR3 (and buffalo in the distance) in 2003
Me in action shooting the Business of Development for World TV/CNBC in 2004
Location PHOTOS
JOB 25th Anniversary Expedition Flim DATE June/July 2011
CLIENT China Exploration & Research Society FORMAT Canon MPEG2 HD
LOCATION Arjin Nature Reserve, China CAMERA Canon XF300, 5DMkII, 7d, GoPro.
Shooting an interview with CERS Science Director Dr. Bill Bleisch, just down from the source of the Salween River.
The camera is the Canon XF300 - a lovely, compact HD camera.
I also made good use of my 5D and 7D for shooting b-roll and time lapses, as well as my GoPro (below), with which I had great fun finding new places to attach to the Land Rovers.
...And 2011's expedition was particularly arduous - at one point I got lost in a blizzard for a few hourrs. I managed to find fellow team member Wong Chih Hong (who was also lost), and we wer lucky enough to find a nomad tent site, where we sought shelter. The photo below was taken the following day as my rescuers returned us to the rest of the team (me on the left)... I was exhausted (made worse by the fact that prior to this my horse had a fall and dropped me into a watery bog). I had nerve damage in my fingers, caused by frostbite that took about 3 weeks to recover.
JOB SAP Corporate DATE May 2011
LOCATION Studio, Singapore CAMERA Sony F3
Shooting green screen for a corporate video for The Deck and corporate client SAP.
My first shoot with the F3 and a Nano Flash. Pretty easy stuff.
Pictured left is Director Jon Moore giving direction to actress Kelly Vaughn.
JOB CERS 2010 expedition DATE June 2010
CLIENT China Exploration & Research Society FORMAT AVC-Intra
LOCATION Arjin Nature Reserve, China CAMERA Panasonic Varicam HPX2700 & Canon 7D
Above - transfering data from my Varicam P2 cards to StoreJet HDD in the comfort of my North Face tent. I also used the HP ThinkPad to to spot checks/view footage.
Below - shooting an interview for Taiwan television in the Arjin Mountain Nature Reserve.
JOB CERS expedition DATE Apr 2009
CLIENT China Exploration & Research Society FORMAT HDV
LOCATION Yunnan, China CAMERA Canon XH-G1
Shooting for the China Exploration & Research Society is alway a pleasure. Here I am in a cave, in Yunnan, China - starting a caving film, which I am excited about...
During this trip I also finished filming the St Bernard Mission to Tibet film. It was nice to get the end shots of the St Bernard film, which started with me interviewing a 90 year old St Bernard Priest in Switzerland :o) - and finished in a beautiful part of N. Yunnan - his parish, so many years ago - which still had many of its catholic churches, seeming very much like the Swiss alps.
I particularly liked the Christmas lights around the statue of Christ in the Yunnan church :o)
JOB Singapore, The Garden City DATE Mar-Apr 2009
CLIENT Mike Birkhead Assoc's/National Parks Board FORMAT DVCProHD
LOCATION Singapore CAMERA Panasonic Varicam
Shooting Singpore, A City in a Gardej, for Mike Birkhead Associates, in 2009. A documentary commissioned by the Singapore National Parks Board, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. A highly enjoyable, but very demanding shoot...
The film was also a tribute to Singapore's Founding Father Lee Kuan Yew whose vision it was to turn Singapore into a 'Garden City'.

left, me using an ABC Crane with the Varicam at the other end (below).
We shot a lot of footage! And some of the best nature footage ever taken of Singapore.
I had the great pleasure of working with fellow DP Graham MacFarlane, Director Saritha Wilkinson and Mike Birkhead our Executive Producer.
L-R: Mangrove tree on Chek Jawa; Fellow DoP Graham McFarlane with Director Saritha Wilkinson; and me with Varicam and Microdolly at the Gardens By The Bay Nursery
JOB The Amazing Race Asia DATE May 2007
LOCATION Singapore/Hong Kong/Philippines/ New Zealand CAMERA Sony DSR570
Shooting The Amazing Race Asia, for Active TV/AXN, in 2007, most probably the toughest shoots I have ever been on...
But it was enjoyable all the same, thanks to great crew and great teams!
L-R: Me shooting opening sequence in Singapore for Ep1; my first team: Natasha and Paula; and view of New Zealand from above (where I only spent a day!!!)
JOB WOMAD Singapore DATE Aug 2003
LOCATION Singapore CAMERA can't remember!
Womad Singapore - Aug 2003. A most pleasurable couple of days! Quite hard work - certainly produced a bit of a sweat!

I always enjoy live music gigs, though don't do many nowadays! Can't beat the energy of the musicians and the crowd - its a real buzz!
Left: Me on stage with Afro Celts - I am a bit of a fan, so it was an awesome experience!

Thanks to Director David Tully, and Jamsheed Dalal from Televasia for the gig. Womad were very happy with the results :o)