Christopher Dickinson
Sole Proprietorship: Chris D TV
Reg. No.: 52981854W
British Citizen/Singapore PR
I'm a freelance Director of Photography, trading as Chris D TV. Originally from the UK, I am now Singapore-based, with Permanent Resident status.

I have 25 years television industry experience. Throughout my career I've worked on a broad range of genres:
documentaries, news & factual, ads/promos/channel idents, sport, reality/entertainment, & corporate videos.

I provide editing & photography services on selected projects only.

I am also proud to be Associate Filmmaker for the China Exploration & Research Society.

mob: +65 9040 4469
Me and my Varicam, shooting yaks in Tibet, Jan 2010

My favourite equipment brands are Canon, Panasonic & Vinten

My favourite country to shoot in is China

I'm a TV addict

I can be a bit disorganised

I've had two life-threatening experiences whilst filming: 1/ crashing into an electricity pylon in a balloon, 2/ getting lost in a blizzard in Tibet
Being based in Singapore since 2003, I have found myself focussing primarily as a Director of Photography on documentary and reality/entertainment shows as well as corporate films.

Most recently I have been fortunate to act as DoP of: How Do I Look Asia (season 2), for Diva Universal; Wondernesia for Discovery TLC; and Photo Face-Off (season 2), for History Channel. I also had the pleasure of being Senior Cameraman for Asia's largest reality show - Asia's Got Talent, which aired on AXN.

In 2014 I won two Telly Awards - for films produced by The Deck for ORACLE. Here are the two films - "Ying's Story", "Hasan's Story". In 2013 my documentary Giant Pandas Moving House (for National Geographic) was nominated for Best Documentary at the Asian Television Awards, and in 2011 my documentary A Culinary Coup (for Food Network Asia) was nominated for Best Cinematography, also at the Asian Television Awards.

I've travelled to over 20 countries throughout my career, many of which are in Asia, so I have a good understanding of the region, which can at times be difficult to navigate as a film crew.

I'm often required by overseas clients to supply crewing services - whether its just a Sound Recordist or a full crew including Producer, Director, crew vehicle etc. The quality, reliability and professionalism of my services has caused clients to come back again and again.

I own an extensive range of kit, including:

The Sony FS7 4K and Canon C300 HD Cinema EOS Super35 sensor cameras, with a broad range of Canon lenses. These cameras produce exceptional results, and as a result are extremely popular.

The excellent Panasonic Varicam HPX2700 P2 HD camera, with Canon HJ14ex4.3 wide angle lens - a great combination, creating the most beautiful filmic HD images in its class.

For projects on a tight budget, I have two alternatives: the Canon XF300 and XA25 HD cameras. The XF300 uses the same broadcast standard codec as the C300 - Canon XF 50mbps MPEG2.

For DSLR/mirrorless filming and stills photography, I have a Sony A7S, Panasonic GH4, and Canon 7D, with a good range of lenses.

I also have some great accessories - including PIX240 external HD recorder, Hollywood Microdolly and Jib, Easyrig, and a lovely selection of lights including Kino's and Dedo's, together with a decent sound kit as well.
For more info on my kit, click here.

As an editor, I was originally trained on AVID, and have my own Final Cut Pro edit suite.

If you want to know more about me, please take a look at my CV and click thru the menu on the left of this page.

Or you can just contact me!

I've worked for an extensive range of clients and broadcasters, including:
Buro OS
China Exploration & Research Society
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Deutsche Bank
Discovery Networks Asia
Food Network Asia
History Channel
Singapore National Parks Board
National Geographic Channel
Star World
UAE Ministry of Culture
May '16
DoP of How Do I Look Asia, Season 2 for Fremantle Media Asia/Diva Universal
Feb - Mar '16
DoP of Faces of Pun Hlaing for Salween Group/SPA Myanmar
Sep '15 - Jan '16
DoP of Wondernesia for Beach House Pictures/TLC
May - Jul '15
DoP of Photo Face-Off for Beach House Pictures/History Channel
Nov '14 - May '15
Snr Cameraman of Asia's Got Talent for FremantleAsia/AXN
Jun '14
DOP of two award-winning corporate films for ORACLE: Hasan's Story and Ying's Story, produced by The Deck. The films won a Silver & Bronze Telly Award respectively.
May - Dec '14
DOP of Nat Hist docu series Wild City - for Beach House/Channel News Asia
Apr '14
DOP - Unlock KL
- for The Deck/Starwood Hotels
DOP - Bill Gates Interview - for Hong Bao Media/Forbes
Nov '13
Giant Pandas Moving House - NOMINATED for BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Asian Televison Awards (role: DoP)
Sep - Dec '13
DOP - Kids V's Film Season 2 - for Beach House Pictures/Discovery Kids
Mar - Apr '13
Cameraman -
The Apprentice Asia - for Fremantle/AXN
Nov '11 - Feb '13
Giant Pandas Moving House - for InFocus Asia/National Geo Channel
Nov '11
A Culinary Coup - at the Asian Televison Awards
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